Family Guy : The Videogame
Family Guy : The Videogame
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  • zarbo

    this is exactly what i expected a family guy game to be like

  • iii W 2
    iii W 2

    I Played this game when I was a kid on my ps2 I don’t even remember half of this 😂

  • migi live music
    migi live music

    Imagine this game comes out on Nintendo switch

  • A sad little ducky
    A sad little ducky


  • Specknacken

    Voll das Dulliespiel

  • N W
    N W

    herdur people say fg is a bad show now i have to think so 2 cuz i cant make up my own opinion.. When i come home from a hard days work i like watchin south park/family guy/ futurama/Rick and morty etc. its brainless and sometimes funny, it relaxes me and it doesnt require your full attention. those shows are better than any crap series ive seen on netflix lately

  • Calbon 2
    Calbon 2

    Super Mario bros 2 has some serious competition this year.

  • The DryerSheet Overlawd
    The DryerSheet Overlawd


  • dandeentremont

    Oh boy, terrible stealth mechanics AND Family Guy? Sign me up!

  • Jonathan Devlin
    Jonathan Devlin

    level 1 shoot the gun level 2 scooby doo Me: what about level 3 dunkey?

  • Wef

    - The Simpsons - 👨Fami Guy “Peter Guy” 👩 🧒 👧 👶 Gex 🐶 Peter Dog

  • goose cult official
    goose cult official

    Family guy is like dinner at Adam Sandler's house.

  • Saviss Mahmoudi
    Saviss Mahmoudi

    That intro is amazing

  • ThatOneDude 1710
    ThatOneDude 1710

    This would be better if Blinx was in it

  • Beanels

    that game was my childhood

  • xw33b

    wtf this game actually looks good lmao

  • lill dicky
    lill dicky

    My dads coworker let me borrow this for the psp back in elementary school along with a copy of the slim shady lp cd.

  • N.Storyteller

    I’ve watched this video more than I should.

  • Kevin Connolly
    Kevin Connolly

    Gex is strong with this one

  • Super Epic Miner
    Super Epic Miner

    Can’t wait for this to be canon in Fortnite

  • KookieDubs

    I remember the one episode were dunkey was in family guy

  • Dale Gabriel Tan
    Dale Gabriel Tan

    After watching this. I immediately went to Emuparadise to download this game.

  • Jimbo Beterson
    Jimbo Beterson

    This game really makes you Feel like you're in a c*vid overwhelmed hospital

    • Forine

      you don't have to censor covid, it's not a naughty swear word.

  • Scootaluigi

    3:28 no petah guy you can't say that word that's racist

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman

    Worst impression of Peter ever heard

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    This is the first "guy" type game

  • Sullivanity 3
    Sullivanity 3

    Okay but turning the cutaway gags into mini games is actually kinda genius

  • Benny R
    Benny R

    How was this game ever legal

  • Kevin Hobbs
    Kevin Hobbs

    The way he says “oh here we go, Quagmire” makes me laugh every time I rewatch this.

  • Ryan

    6:38 of the faling holding knee would probably trend and have more completed views

  • Kanan Sessions
    Kanan Sessions

    Hey who put that lamp here?

  • neterman 65
    neterman 65

    Try the Futurama game

  • Ikhwan 3560
    Ikhwan 3560

    Truly a game ahead of its time

  • Bruno Onodera
    Bruno Onodera

    2:46 -Peter, kill that kid Peter: *Kills that kid* -Yeee :D

  • PeepyPlays

    I like how in the beginning cutscene Brian just phases through the wall to meet Peter

  • A Sneaky Lawn Gnome
    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    4:03 Peter learned Majima's Breaker style!

  • Samy

    02:19 Burning Heat --- fudge it look up 3 Option Mix its better any ways

  • Straw Ferret
    Straw Ferret

    0:09 Lmao

  • shiny

    dunkey is actually black, he just got hit by a door a white family opened and turned white

  • KyleTechBeck

    I've watched this like 300 times I have a problem *pleaz help me*

  • The Seal Rebellion
    The Seal Rebellion

    That’s right Meg. Our dog, Brian Griffin, is dead

  • Ilie Iancu
    Ilie Iancu

    A true clasic

  • Memes Griffin
    Memes Griffin

    My game is strange

  • fat balls
    fat balls

    gosh i could really go for some famy guy

  • Havoc Lights
    Havoc Lights

    Peter family is my favourite

  • wthout

    I don't remember this episode 💦🦷

  • Leight E
    Leight E

    3:29 ermmmm

  • BrokenGod Ent.
    BrokenGod Ent.

    i wonder if some sad degenerate has made a widescreen fix for this game

  • Blob Brothers
    Blob Brothers


  • Harry Boi
    Harry Boi

    Level 1: shoot da gun Level 2: s c o o b y d o o

  • Shimagoto

    Brian just phased into existence at the beginning

  • Sofie Tocco
    Sofie Tocco

    this is_____ than _______ at video game dunkey's house

  • Liam Harris
    Liam Harris

    You can tell the writers of the show had nothing to do with this

  • trigger maggot
    trigger maggot

    did you mean fortnite

  • Hank "The Pimp" Hill
    Hank "The Pimp" Hill

    "M--" - John Herbert

  • Sippa-T

    and what was the Dunky score on that one ?

  • bruh. bruh
    bruh. bruh

    0:09 Sounds like Mr Sausage

  • The cabinet man
    The cabinet man

    3:28 Woah woah woah hey hey

  • House Bearcrusher Late Night
    House Bearcrusher Late Night

    Yo how good was sunset riders tho

  • Lizzie V
    Lizzie V

    Play Marble blast gold

  • Lizzie V
    Lizzie V

    Marble blast gold

  • The Commenter
    The Commenter


  • Bread Milk
    Bread Milk

    This game feels like Dunkey made this whole thing for this video and the game doesn't actually exist

  • Konova

    Of all the games they should bring back to new consoles, I think this should be one of them. It was one of my favorites growing up and I just remember being so proud that I even completed it. I don't think they should remake it but just have some sort of remaster. Looking back I'm actually pretty surprised by how enjoyable it was being that it was a licenced game.

  • Aaron Ainaire
    Aaron Ainaire

    Peter Griffin from Fortnite

  • Thoams


  • Rafael Sanchez
    Rafael Sanchez

    Hit and run next

  • Santiago'sChannel

    0:41 lol

  • Zeno

    Family Guy in general is in the so bad it's good category.

  • Man-Bat Man
    Man-Bat Man

    He still makes good videos

  • Mark23

    Cant believe i used to play this

  • Satou912

    I ordered the game just because of this video

  • ojbeez

    1:10 go for it!

  • big cuddles
    big cuddles

    i loved this game on the ps2

  • steve brule
    steve brule

    Knac 2?

  • itza me
    itza me

    5:18 I laughed so hard

  • Copper Badger
    Copper Badger


  • Demi

    but why did he put a space before the colon in the title

  • Weebcat

    Those PS2 graphics are impressive

  • YungTabs

    finally this game getting the recognition it deserves

  • frank

    When Stewie was.jumping on the pregnant lady 💀💀💀


    the baby quips, he jumps

  • Blackmoon

    Just like Dunkey, Peter is black.

  • MrKalius

    What the fuck was that?

  • Lenoir University
    Lenoir University

    Women's sports is a joke! 😂

  • MaximillianMusky

    I remember not having a hard time with the Brian sections, the area where I always had a problem with was the Inside the Body levels where you have to jump platforms and fight multiple lois also I found the game quite enjoyable, probably because im an FG nut, the game itself is nothing special.

  • Joe

    What’s the name of the game and where can I get this?

    • Benjamin Aceituno
      Benjamin Aceituno

      Family Guy: The Videogame, and it's a ps2 game

  • Chase E
    Chase E

    why is no one talking about the fire truck minigame?? the second dunkey started smacking the gazelle with the ladder i completely lost it

  • Grumar S
    Grumar S

    the mime joke was actually legit funny

  • dragonman9001

    3:28 Peter says a naughty word

  • Issa Great day
    Issa Great day

    Brain sucks in game and in show 😂

  • Sprite

    "I died from beating da boss...I died" The true dark souls experience...

  • CJ

    Seth MacFarlane, hire this man

  • Sagalink

    3:25 damn dunkey was so shocked that he lost his accent.

  • kklownn

    this is the best and worst game to ever exist

  • Official Jorato Kujo
    Official Jorato Kujo

    2:08 FAMY HY

  • Internet Dumbass
    Internet Dumbass

    2:36 Guy: *L-* Peter: 👊

  • Suika He
    Suika He

    2:48 Officer, I dropkicked that child in self defense.

  • Matthew Pettit
    Matthew Pettit

    I don't even know why I got recommended this video. The game is trash just like the show. Childish toilet humor and non funny jokes.

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Because dunkey is the greatest youtuber

  • Levi Lawlor
    Levi Lawlor

    Fammy guy