This place is insane !!!!!
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  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander

    This is basically entertainment 720, and that douche is Jean ralphio.

  • Forrest Boone
    Forrest Boone

    yah la is kinda weird

  • Alex McCardy
    Alex McCardy

    Clickbait, where's the *Content*


    Where’s the Gillette Plants vs Zombies room? The Prego ARK: Survival Evolved Room? Kellogg’s Overwatch room?

  • Murderface

    Nadeshot: We're creating a corporation for content creators to network and grow with each other. Random Dude: So its a pyramid scheme? Nadeshot: No, its "Networking" Random Dude: .....so pyramid scheme? Nadeshot: .....We have a Totinos Fortnite training room Random Dude: I'm in

  • nate dawg
    nate dawg

    Dunkey I’m there with you

  • bt

    how much you wanna bet that all their pcs have intel processors

  • Adankam

    Nadeshot is a douche bag and that company is a joke.

  • Francisco C
    Francisco C


  • SorryBr0th3r

    "I can come back to league" How many times has he said this after quitting league lmao

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    I can't believe the actual video is more cringe than what dunkey made it seem...

  • John Hatchell
    John Hatchell

    There is def something nefarious going on here under all this bullshit. Why would people who make content wanna team up this this sort of nonsense and hand over rights and money. It seems like a stupid thing to do.

    • Has the High Ground
      Has the High Ground

      They are called 100 thieves.

  • ThatOneDude 1710
    ThatOneDude 1710

    Why "Among Us" content and not "Blinx" content?

  • Garrett V
    Garrett V

    Coming Soon: The ExpressVPN Among Us Training Room

  • Homie sea otter
    Homie sea otter

    I’m calling my gaming desk the nordvpn team fortress two training room from now on

  • In the name of scientific progress
    In the name of scientific progress

    in exchange for 90% of the money you make playing videogames and livestreaming to children, you can drive 20 miles to our compound and do the same shit you can at home for free



  • Kobie

    sitting here wishing I could like this video more than once. d:(

  • Johannes Danielsson
    Johannes Danielsson

    Where's the Bitconnect Knack Training Arena?

  • Riot McDohl
    Riot McDohl

    Question. Will it ELEVATE it for them?

  • Q

    Skipped the Northrop Grumman Streamer Gym to stay looking good for the camera

  • Tom Brien
    Tom Brien

    Here's me playing games from my regular house like an idiot.

  • Tyrannosaurus Sex
    Tyrannosaurus Sex

    I’m watching this in the pogger room

  • [ecki]tronix

    Only an organization who calls themselves thieves would have an entireass business office corporate zone building for the sake of using it for a goddamn Totino's Fortnite Training Room and get away with it while doing nothing about their visible doorknob problem and the lack of any shits given

  • dlein93

    This reminds me of that parks and rec episode where tom and jean ralphio create a start up with like a toilet filled with cash and unlimited amenities and the *pro basketball player they hired to shoot hoops on site* is just like "don't you guys have a lot of overhead, here?"

  • Oivatank

    And when you’re done eating, you can use the NordVPN bathroom

  • Some Lukes
    Some Lukes

    I swear he said rocket league instead of league of legends

  • maad dawg
    maad dawg

    People in Los angeles are creepy af, man they just selling out to every corp they can find to fund this stupid thing 😂😂

  • Andreas Digmann
    Andreas Digmann

    Not nearly as cool as the Minesweeper Simulation Room at Dunkeys Castle. They even use real explosives

  • Zyphos

    I lost it at "That's a famous Fortnite player"

  • Chill man, chill!
    Chill man, chill!

    He needed at least one synonym for elevate

  • Steve E
    Steve E

    A black concrete block rectangle. The average jail is far more aesthetically pleasing than this structure.

  • Sahir

    Hey donkey when are you making the raycon knack training room

  • le goog
    le goog

    Okay, thats all the time I've got. I gotta get back in my Totinos Fortnite Trainingroom.

  • Pl3ys Nontinde
    Pl3ys Nontinde

    “Elevate gaming content to new heights” have they seriously not been watching dunkey. Once you watch him you realise he has the best content and you can’t get any better than that.

  • mcbcharles

    isn't this the guy with the tattoo that says "Sex is temporary, gaming is forever"?

  • AC


  • gamer orp
    gamer orp

    This was the last bad video dunkey made the end of an era

  • Andrew Brethour
    Andrew Brethour

    "I could come back to League!" Don't say that Dunkey

  • Neil Bradley
    Neil Bradley

    Pogger room

  • Aiden

    If you think the Totino's fortnite training room is epic then you haven't seen the raid shadow legends among us litness facility

  • The comments Of YouTube
    The comments Of YouTube

    Crazy how dunkey made a video that got more views that the original. And he gave them that marketing for free

  • YellowpowR

    Nobody pointed out how Dunkey joked about going back to League.

  • Sakari Salomaa
    Sakari Salomaa

    It's even named 100 thieves cash out compound

  • Ralphio Strooker
    Ralphio Strooker

    When cash grabbing goes too far. The thing that kills me is these people are much better at online games than me. These sellouts have no shame.

  • Brian Dodson
    Brian Dodson

    someone give me the link to the video I've gotta experience the first hand 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦

  • A Ar
    A Ar


  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever


  • corey douglas
    corey douglas

    This got me elevated

  • NoFaceKira.

    2000 dislikes from Totinos eating fortnite players. (7 year olds)

  • David Snoots
    David Snoots


  • Videos

    I rly like gaming. I dont like what those companies are sending out in the public about it. it looks like embarrassing. this combination of gaming and start up thingy stuff is aweful

  • Dauth Eldrvaria
    Dauth Eldrvaria

    More Torino Pizza Game Room.... Fortnite. Please...

  • NatsuUchiha

    Now all i need is my PS5! Am i right? lol

  • the postman
    the postman

    I need a montage of every single time the tour guy says "elevate our content"

  • Lizzie V
    Lizzie V

    Marble blast gold

  • Over Toasted
    Over Toasted

    I just saw this place in real life. It's in Century City right by the park/mountain trail. It's basically a pretty small wearhouse. They make it look bigger in this video.

  • Haze

    They really need to slap more cooperate sponsorship on there compound, whole sections of wall don't have corporate logos on them!

  • Cake

    I can’t believe I wasted my time going to bootcamp when I could have been doing much more important training in the Totino’s Fortnite Training Room

  • Warren McAleister
    Warren McAleister

    I can't believe this has more views than the original.

  • Matthew Murphy
    Matthew Murphy

    If you really think about it, the whole world is just a big Totino's fortnite training room

  • Chalupa Batman
    Chalupa Batman

    These people got covid bail out money. Let that sink in.

  • StellaRhyme3

    Talk about a dreary place to work. He sold every room as an ad.

  • Anthony Spencer
    Anthony Spencer

    Hahahaha this video is the content that youtube needs.

  • Synofix


  • Myk


  • Marcus Galeano
    Marcus Galeano


  • TheMrPantelos

    I guess Dunkey didn't want to elevate his C o n t e n t

  • Ryan the Iron Spider official
    Ryan the Iron Spider official

    I mean you could just do all of this in your room or in your office like this is one of the stupidest things to spend money on they just did it because they had money

  • AdoptedPoo

    well you're not wrong dunkey they all look like GTA V NPCs

  • wistfulAnthophila

    Modern gaming fucking SUCKS

  • JhongYT

    "This room allows us to elevate our content" is what he said to every room in the video

  • EmuBench

    Dream job. Proceeds to be locked in a room without windows.

  • Frank McClusky
    Frank McClusky

    The people’s revolution will start in the Totino’s Fortnite training room

  • welcome2havoc

    Everyone sells out in the end

    • wistfulAnthophila

      get rid of all the money cant buy with what you dont have

  • FazeThruWallz

    If I had a dollar for every time this dood said content and elevate, I would be able to pay off my student loan debt and buy a house.

  • OmegaBlaster76

    What’s the name of the outro music?

  • Don Draper
    Don Draper

    Nadeshot is legit one luck dumbass

  • Wobuffet3

    what's that ending music?

  • TheJurassic Chicken
    TheJurassic Chicken

    When he said “Torino’s fortnite training room” I knew that the people who built this building have never touched a controller

  • Frigginbirds

    So we fucking in the Totino's Fortnite Training Room or nah?

  • Sebastian Colón
    Sebastian Colón

    Dunkview Sonic R

  • Max Rachel
    Max Rachel

    Drinking game: drink every time he says elevate

  • Rez Calm
    Rez Calm

    Ok but for real I think Dunkey and his buddies playing Among Us COULD BE amazing content. Just sayin

  • Lukulele

    Every morning I wake up and grind fortnite but now I know I don’t have a chance against those that have access to the Totino’s Fortnite Training Room. Life just isn’t fair.😔

  • John Coxtolstoy
    John Coxtolstoy

    you elevated this video

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter

    Dunkey's Version: "Alright guys, welcome to the Knack 2 Fortnite Training Room, it's not actually a training room, it's just a fridge. Ok, this one here is the big one, sponsored by the hottest company around in 2021, welcome to the Netscape Gex Training Room! It's got everything you need to take your content to the next level and come up with crappy Gex jokes 24/7. It's like a séance at Colonel Sanders' house."

  • Hurler beets
    Hurler beets


  • Truce Feud
    Truce Feud

    This place seems like hell seeing how it has potential but was screwed into being garbage for garbage people.

  • Servant OfGod
    Servant OfGod

    "People in Los Angeles creep me out." 10/10

  • Servant OfGod
    Servant OfGod

    I've never understood why people watch these A-typical tubers. They're all so generic. I feel like they're all the same. They even look the same lol.

    • Sahil Singh
      Sahil Singh

      Which youtubers?

  • PikminWarrior454

    The guy he was gonna buy a bunch of hot dogs for was so unamused

  • Dan Dekel
    Dan Dekel

    I wantg to move into the cashapp rocket mortage 100 thieves compoundas

    • tatogreen

      @Dan Dekel toitinos

    • Dan Dekel
      Dan Dekel


  • Marcus MIDI
    Marcus MIDI


  • Matthew DiVirgilio
    Matthew DiVirgilio

    They should add a Manscaped Minecraft Training Room

  • 1 tomuch
    1 tomuch

    When you totinos fortnite training room

  • Jordan Rose
    Jordan Rose

    In all honesty this is exactly how I imagine a former professional CoD player turned businessman would look, sound, and operate a business. The blandness of his personality. The cringe factor. The unashamed gaudiness of it all. They're like the Branch Davidians of the douchebag gaming community, just replace religion with money.

  • Jarl Balgruuf the Greater
    Jarl Balgruuf the Greater

    This is a warehouse with unnecessarily lot of pcs

  • Lonely Islander
    Lonely Islander

    This should be called "Sell Out Compound". this is what it looks like when a TV ad takes a physical form.

  • AxelNeedsAMedicBag

    An epic gamer tax write off