Demon's Dunk Souls Remastered
The video game version of going to the dentist.
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  • sam black
    sam black

    what song plays when he fights the tower knight??

  • Ry

    So the luck actually works?

  • ParkNPlay

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  • That One Youtuber
    That One Youtuber

    Having never played Demons Souls before, I always thought that Dark Souls II was the hardest Souls game out there...apparently I was weong.

  • dalton yates
    dalton yates

    Does anyone still play dark souls? Some really cool glitches are still being found

    • The Snatcher
      The Snatcher

      @dalton yates Just imagine how Crystal Caves will look. Just imagine.

    • dalton yates
      dalton yates

      @The Snatcher it still has the most replay value. The remaster was such a disappointment. Blue point needs to remake this next

    • The Snatcher
      The Snatcher

      People aren't praising it as much anymore. Now, whenever someone talks about from soft, praise is directed at Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Ds3. Shame. That game could really benefit from a remake.

  • Shane Mcnelis
    Shane Mcnelis

    0:55 Quite a wholesome moment in a Dunkey video.

  • Xanthos

    6:20 roberrrrrrrrrrrrrt...!

  • trey gen
    trey gen

    I really wish you had played through without cheating.

  • Ben Townson
    Ben Townson

    I finally get the gold coin to find out it’s been patched

  • Vader3900



    ahahahaha cheats time

  • Adrian

    This is the first strand type dark souls

  • Smit_ty

    Dunkey flexin on us with the ps5

  • Duke _
    Duke _

    Never played a souls game before and I have beaten every boss on my first try except flamelurker which took 2 idk y ppl think this game is hard

    • MKI

      Demon’s souls is the easiest of the souls games lol because it was the first one of its kind.

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea

    and people say dark souls is hard lol. demon souls punishes you for dying dark souls does not

    • MKI

      @The Snatcher lol... it will be in stores for grabs by the second half of 2021...

    • The Snatcher
      The Snatcher

      @MKI Can't wait to play it once I get my Ps5 in 2032.

    • MKI

      @Tea Tea demon’s souls is the easiest of the bunch lol...

    • Oxyponic

      @Tea Tea in demon's souls your health only gets halfed once, your thinking of dark souls 2 where the more you die the more health it takes. Also the master key is extremely limited as a lot of doors don't work with it.

    • Tea Tea
      Tea Tea

      @Oxyponic because in dark souls the game only gets hard if you go into new game plus. not only that the game allows you to cheese all the bosses. ie master key in demon souls the game gets harder every time you die to the point where the world turns dark.

  • Haris Saqib
    Haris Saqib

    hope he posts another video without cheating

  • WhiteRoseSamurai

    "Baby game." Yeah, that's why you had to cheat.

    • / TRQDude
      / TRQDude

      The joke you

  • Riko Vladimir
    Riko Vladimir

    dunkey makes this game look so much unenjoyable, I'm sure he's wrong .... isn't he ?

  • Ramen

    missed opportunity: couldve named the video "dunk's souls"

  • Dhorin Fireheart
    Dhorin Fireheart

    Tbh I wish I could play all Soulsborne games like this just to experience the story

  • Tharja

    I wish I knew about this cheat. I platinum this game legit 😭

  • Mercury

    4:34 what was that music?

  • Justin Hasty
    Justin Hasty

    "The game fucking cheated back" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Low -threat
    Low -threat

    He gotten so mad that he resulted to cheating 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ninja J.
    Ninja J.

    Killed em’ in one hit baby!

  • Ninja J.
    Ninja J.

    3:23 Grandma’s running a drug business of course it’s gonna be 2,000 souls!

  • Tyler Kane
    Tyler Kane

    I love Demon Souls has a One Punch Man mode, truly something special when you die in one hit but also kill them in one hit

  • Corvus Black
    Corvus Black

    I platnumed this game on PS3

  • Brad

    Stick to baby Mario

    • Sanskar Mishra
      Sanskar Mishra

      Brad go outside

  • fairen artemis
    fairen artemis

    how does both your demon souls videos start with someone rolling endlessly

  • Thomas Rossiter
    Thomas Rossiter

    He actually killed em in one hit

  • gilly 123_
    gilly 123_

    Cant wait to get my ass handed to me in demon souls

  • Kamuy Mamushi
    Kamuy Mamushi

    Lol soul level drained 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zuma 6
    Zuma 6

    2:39 I felt that. Fuck this blight town 1.0

  • Zuma 6
    Zuma 6

    "Why are there no check points?" This part 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Absoliyakana

    very disappointing that i didnt hear "what a thrill" during the elevator ride

  • Sinrelm


  • Yangadem Enak
    Yangadem Enak

    8:08 yoink

  • Miner gamer
    Miner gamer

    Great vid dunkey I'm a big fan I hope u play elden ring when it comes out

  • Basil Plant
    Basil Plant

    Thought it would be too much for him to play legit. Too bad.

  • MonkeyOldSpice

    What is this song 4:33 ?

  • Doctor Russia
    Doctor Russia

    7:39 what a thrill

  • XXI


  • Shangootiki

    Huh, the half healthbar thing kinda works like how embers and humanity works in other souls games by doubling your health, but it's presented differently making the full health seem like a reward rather than the half health feel like a punishment. Interesting

  • Zboy 115
    Zboy 115

    6:14 That scream lmao

  • KillerPsycho101 & Games
    KillerPsycho101 & Games

    I live the pit of despair

  • Javi Nieto
    Javi Nieto

    2:11 ostrava gives you that item :(

  • Hooweee

    Demom souls, the only game that let you cheat and then cheated back

  • Fionn MacCuill
    Fionn MacCuill

    Thief ring is king 👑

  • Duality System
    Duality System

    You're welcome Dark Souls

  • Sept77

    "The game cheated back!" - From Software summarized

  • The Boring Life
    The Boring Life


  • jumpskull

    One Sword-Man

  • Field

    fun fact: this remake wasn't made by from software, it was made by bluepoint

  • Sem Ideia
    Sem Ideia

    Why didn't you just got firestorm?

  • Matthew Bruesch
    Matthew Bruesch

    Anyone know what the song is playing when he uses the coin?

  • bootstrap925

    body and soul form are just embered and non-embered states, but white/black world tendency is a mindfuck.

  • Jonathan Walmsley
    Jonathan Walmsley

    Hehe, dunkey had to cheat at the easiest souls game. Worth it for the laughs though.

  • andrejoss475

    I mean i kinda get the idea behind the hp bar it's like, when you're going through the level for the first time you have no idea about the enemy placements or the moves so they give you more hp to deal with it, and once you die you no longer need that extra hp because you've already learnt about all that except it's implemented extremely poorly, since the levels are so long that you will most likely die in the middle of it and now you no longer have the training wheels for the rest of the level where you need them the most one way they could've made it better would be if they made you only lose like 10 % of your hp every time you die, and cap it at the 50 %, so after 5 deaths you have no bonus hp and the other thing that would make it better would be if instead of making you LOSE 50 % of your hp they could've just made 50 % of your hp to be your normal maximum, and they would instead GIVE you bonus HP for those first 5 training deaths, that way it would feel like you're just losing your bonus instead of losing your normal HP or maybe they could've just ... not implemented this shitty-ass system in the first place

  • ExTrEaMe LT
    ExTrEaMe LT

    6:55 Mcgregor vs Poirier 3

  • Thedominator Dragon
    Thedominator Dragon

    How did he cheat on console I thought that was only possible on pc.

  • virtualong

    And that's how that crap is meant to be played.

  • Jamari

    what's the name of the song playing when he's cheating his luck stat?

  • Phoenix Flumpod
    Phoenix Flumpod

    Twhy games are now a days are so hand holding. Difficulty settings of easy med or hard are artificial and are never fair like the souls series. Bottom line is: These games were made for people who can die and get back up again 100 times.

  • Tornado Johnson
    Tornado Johnson

    4:34 Someone please tell me name of the song that plays here

  • The Great Archive - A
    The Great Archive - A

    So that's how Dream got the speedrunning record

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins

    I don’t think dunked played the original demon souls

    • Zain Ahmed
      Zain Ahmed

      he did. there's a video on it.

  • Damon Garrow Jr
    Damon Garrow Jr

    Yeah this is a disappointing game😂

  • Pantsu Senpai
    Pantsu Senpai


  • James Rodgers
    James Rodgers

    "The game fuckin' cheated back, no-hohoo"

  • Spencer

    I think Demon's Souls is the easiest souls game, even in soul form, but it has a surprisingly high density of "fuck this game" moments

    • SAMR

      I think its the hardest in ng+ runs

  • Till Nuoffer
    Till Nuoffer

    Oh i see you suck at the game here let me lower your HP for you im shure that will help

  • Corpse party
    Corpse party

    “Rollin rollin rollin rollin rollin...”

  • mjc0961

    Imagine refreshing a bunch of websites constantly to get a chance to buy a PS5, then you finally spend $500 to get one, all so you can play a game from 2009. And then it crashes. PS5 is so garbage right now.

    • Yoatemybeans

      mjc0961 what does Xbox have?

  • R.J. Tammaro
    R.J. Tammaro

    What’s funny is that in order to pull off that glitch you have to get through the entirety of the Valley of Defilement

  • ytb0ages

    Ejoys last ofus, cant stand soul games without cheatin, its over for you dunkey ur not a gamer anymr

    • Zain Ahmed
      Zain Ahmed

      "not a gamer if he likes games I dont like :(((!"

  • Palathaxx

    Being permanently punished in a game about trial and error seems like excellent game design.

  • floppa_gaming99

    you know its bad when donkey doesn't even rate it

  • Random Man Of Culture
    Random Man Of Culture

    If only he knew about the cling ring

  • RJ Dujon
    RJ Dujon

    Outro song?

  • Tuna Aydın
    Tuna Aydın

    And deadpool says luck is not a super power. *Pathetic*

  • Realblush

    This was the reason I bought a PS5 and I regret nothing

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor

    Only a Souls game would have a boss that can literally suck away the exploit you've been using to beat the game.

  • Fernando Antonio Music
    Fernando Antonio Music

    I played through all of DS, DS3, and Bloodbourne several times in the past couple of weeks using different builds each time to experiment and realized something. The Souls games all sucks.

  • Narax

    You ever see a really popular game and wonder how? Sure Dark Souls 3 was fine but how the hell did the series survive?

    • SAMR

      Because they are the only few of the good games of this generation

  • rockman s
    rockman s

    i hope this releases on pc one day, i miss how much damage you could do in this game.

  • Jacob Chalkler
    Jacob Chalkler

    Dont you love it when they dont remove bogus bullshit that added no value to the experience and even detracts just to keep old fans who will mosy likely never play the new version from playing it

  • h hro
    h hro

    this vid proves dunkey is a fking casual

    • Jam Jon
      Jam Jon

      Bro go outside

    • johj doj
      johj doj

      Actually no he holds the world record on bowser's big bean burrito

  • Angelo

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: People in 1347-1351: 3:15

  • Emma H
    Emma H

    "The game cheated back" bahahahaha

  • Yeezysandals

    The only reason I’d play ps5

  • Victor the Kid
    Victor the Kid

    I was in stitches at *that* part.

  • Alex DuWaldt
    Alex DuWaldt

    XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD lol! What even is this video? What even is this game? I thought this was supposed to be the hardest game ever? 8:06

  • Mr. Jish
    Mr. Jish

    @7:10 "What a thrilllllll.....With darkness and silence through the night."

  • cali

    I already know that some sweaty soulsborne elitists are probably foaming at the mouth while watching this video, then they'll probably go on a forum or make a comment complaining about it lol.

    • SAMR

      Wait people actually do that

    • spongebog ssj
      spongebog ssj

      “Dunkey is casual”

    • Sanskar Mishra
      Sanskar Mishra

      "Nooooo the game is supposed to be hard git gud"

  • Brody

    I might just be making assumptions but does Dunkey watch ymfah? Cause that would be awesome.

  • TheKewlPerson

    Perhaps the true souls were the demons we made along the way...

  • Aldwing_ The_God
    Aldwing_ The_God


  • Kieran Grant
    Kieran Grant

    This has to be one of the best videos Dunkster has ever made. I cannot *wait* for his videos on the other PS5 titles.

  • Commenting Channel
    Commenting Channel

    You can easily tell that someone doesn't understand the game when they go in Body Form into a new area and keep popping Stones of Ephemeral Eyes when they die. Also notice how pretty much everywhere he goes he has Pure Black World Tendency.