Cybermage (dunkview)
The big one.
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  • Tim W
    Tim W

    Nothing original here that we haven't already seen in League of Tekken. 9/10 what a joke.

  • Morgan Hintz
    Morgan Hintz

    So I started this video and got a 35 minute ad (which was ad 1/2). Wtf IRbin

  • Max POV
    Max POV

    It's got a little something for everyone.

  • PhazonOmega

    This game legit seems amazing for its time. It looks like there's much more here than in Doom, no matter how you look at it: graphics, voice acting, the HUD, etc.. Enjoyed the gameplay and the comedy, so I guess that's a 2/10 from me or something?

  • Tyrannosaurus Sex
    Tyrannosaurus Sex

    I’m watch this in the den of souls

  • Jwubbz

    I know him from the PS1’s smash hit, Harry Potter and the fucking wizard

  • Azz Tazztik
    Azz Tazztik

    9/10 wow dunkey that's a high score for you, the game must have really made you feel like a wizard

  • freon

    Mentions Origin then starts talking about Wizardry instead of Ultima, lol. Underrated joke.

  • Stuffystufferfield

    I know Dunkey liked this one, but I really feel like CD Projekt Red dropped the ball.

  • Sebastian Colón
    Sebastian Colón

    Dunkview Sonic R

  • Cole Tilford
    Cole Tilford

    I like how this is one of Dunk's best videos and has the fewest views.

  • Mark Coito
    Mark Coito

    I hate you for making me Google David Bradley, then David W. Bradley.

  • Faris Irizevak
    Faris Irizevak

    I see Civvie11 covering this at some point

  • spud lord
    spud lord

    Civvie what did you do with Dunkey

  • DoodleBopGames

    dunkey ur gae

    • DoodleBopGames

      @The Snatcher shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    • The Snatcher
      The Snatcher

      No u.

  • Boone

    “A little something for everyone”

  • Octamed

    You laugh, but I actually enjoy 2.5d old school shooters A LOT more than most modern ones.

  • Kektosterone

    Honestly this game looks like it had a lot of potential to at least be fun to play, i dont think the story or voice acting really has anything going for it other than that b-movie factor that makes it enjoyable

  • John Paul Olino
    John Paul Olino

    i thought my computer crashed and dunkey was still talking

  • Amir H
    Amir H

    The satire is strong with this one.

    • iAmCodeMonkey

      I love how non-serious this is.

  • Real Boy
    Real Boy

    A little something for everyone

  • Tyler Lawson
    Tyler Lawson

    Jeebus when that BSOD popped up I had a heart attack. I was watching the vid in fullscreen on my PC

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Wait theres a wizardry 1-7?

    • iAmCodeMonkey

      Yes, they are quite challenging.

  • Timothy Wright
    Timothy Wright

    dunkview suggestion: legend of dragoon

  • Icey Boi
    Icey Boi


  • Erick Piña
    Erick Piña

    Dunkey lowkey roasting IGN for giving the broken mess that is cyberpunk 2077 a 9/10

  • o fortuna
    o fortuna

    Damn 20 years and Keanu voice acting still scuffed

  • Back Corner of Youtube
    Back Corner of Youtube

    I give it a 9 out of ten. IGN: Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • Yeisnel Argote
    Yeisnel Argote

    I was expecting this to be a serious one

  • Lewis Murphy
    Lewis Murphy


  • Diego Verdin
    Diego Verdin

    This is next level shitposting

  • Attention

    This is my favourite Dunkey bideo.

  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young

    This looks like a better version of duke nukie 3d

  • ClickPause

    I want a remaster of this.

  • Kyle Brock
    Kyle Brock

    Every patch is making Cyberpunk a little bit better. Thanks Dunky Dunk!

  • Clement Masse
    Clement Masse

    I almost forgot to save enough mana for the ringle beast but then I saw this video.

  • Bubushkah The Memer
    Bubushkah The Memer

    Dunkey, where the fuck is your Best of 2020?

  • Garrett

    “Blue ray: Project Blue” I died xD

  • CG

    The guy saying the government isn’t real looks like Wesker XD

  • Douchopotamus

    yuo r truly a mastr of ur rt

  • kevin Dantas_keko
    kevin Dantas_keko

    This game genuinely seems pretty cool and I'm shocked I've never heard of it

    • DoktorNuts

      It was actually ahead of it's time with combining FPS with RPG elements, even if it's rather crusty for today's standards.

  • Dr. Dolphin
    Dr. Dolphin

    You never know with dunkey if he’s making a serious video or a good video.

  • Sabalghoo

    Interesting little piece of trivia: This was the very first "Cyber Type game "

  • MegaAmir46

    This game looks Shadowrunx Shadow warrior

  • I_uKe

    quit fisting the fist fist loljk

  • Christopher Ade
    Christopher Ade

    I can't tell when Dunkey is actually being serious. It's honestly half the reason I watch his vids

  • OhFineD

    Okay but do ape escape for the ps1

  • Ravioli Boy
    Ravioli Boy

    Sure, the corporations are evil, the police are evil, and the guy telling you how evil the corporations and police are is evil, but you have to remember this was the 90s. Music was evil. Cartoons were evil. Wrestling was evil. Candy was evil.

  • Will Bryant
    Will Bryant

    i thought wizardy was a japenese ip

  • Max Gibson
    Max Gibson

    who else thought it said cyberpunk?

  • Steve

    Can never tell if you're meming or not, but i actually really like the concept of a prologue in the form of a comic book / comic short... you read it, it pulls you in... then instead of getting the next book you have a full game. Would probably be sweet for rpgs.

  • Aryan Manohar
    Aryan Manohar

    Dunkey legit confirms his Southland Tales addiction here lol. First Sardonicast now CyberMage... Will Richard Kelly ever get a break?

  • Hayden Withers
    Hayden Withers

    Why is cybermage and cyberpunk fairly similar?

  • Kat Fish
    Kat Fish

    Brilliant satire?... or regular funny review?... the world may never know

  • --

    2:42 James Earl Jones? 2:53 Jonathan Banks? 3:11 Keanu Reeves?!

  • Alex Radice
    Alex Radice

    This is my favorite dinky video

  • Captain Hobo
    Captain Hobo

    Omg I want a Marathon Dunkview

  • merumeru

    What the hell, that game actually looks good.

    • pentelegomenon

      His only criticism with this game is that the entire video game doesn't work at all and is completely broken.

    • iAmCodeMonkey

      That's because... it is. ;)

  • Brad Oreman
    Brad Oreman

    Not gonna lie, when you showed that blue screen of death and it didn't go away I got very concerned my computer was dying

  • CEO At Crystalsoft
    CEO At Crystalsoft

    "Did they really say something like that?" Word-for-word says exactly what he said. Dunkey is such a master, I cannot tell what is real anymore

  • Ali Javed
    Ali Javed

    the satire strong with dunkey

  • dinkleberg

    The game really makes you feel like a cybermage

  • Clewz13


  • System Breaker
    System Breaker

    Well actually this game is reality

  • Nate!

    Has a little something for everyone

  • unmovables


    • Gannie Lukks
      Gannie Lukks


  • Iona Knipl
    Iona Knipl

    Looking forward for the microtransactions and DLC that we have to pay for after paying the full price on the initial launch!

  • Allahgator

    You should really play garfield furious kart racing

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    the ladder-slapstick segment at 0:55 made me cough-laugh so hard my family thinks I have covid

  • Mr. Milkdood
    Mr. Milkdood

    Can't wait to see the sequel at e3 2077

  • Dake 124
    Dake 124

    IRbin just gave a me a fucking notification of this video

  • TriBlazer Gaming
    TriBlazer Gaming

    Wtf why are these good videos contaminating ur channel

  • NinaAngelix

    I only remember a game for the NES called Wizards and Warriors, my dad loved that game and could never beat it, he introduced me to what ragequit meant way back then XD

  • trumpetperson11

    This video really makes you really feel like you are Batman. 9/10

  • Mike Leduc
    Mike Leduc

    I wonder how many people, visualize something along these lines when gaming is brought up?

  • Chad Bradwick
    Chad Bradwick

    Dunkey is such a positive light in this world fr

  • Zedonus0

    I need to know the ending song

  • Tre Mo
    Tre Mo

    This is a Cyberpunk mod for Daggerfall. Change my mind.


    Would like to see a reboot like doom of this game ngl


    9/10, it has a little something for everybody.

  • as ter
    as ter


  • Warvell1

    I'm so confused.

  • LOLjerel

    I feel like your making this information up, Dinlie.

  • Hellgatyr

    Still waiting YLYL dunkdrew

  • Kim Humphries
    Kim Humphries

    That Southland Tales reference giving me PTSD

  • Florian Gaston
    Florian Gaston

    he's gonna collect that price on your head.

  • Samael Merihem
    Samael Merihem

    11/10 Shitposting continues.

  • WeXaztor

    ah, now i understand what people are going on about with this cybermage game. Great shit video,

  • The Punslinger
    The Punslinger

    RIP Bad Video Meta December 2020-December 2020

  • James Russel
    James Russel

    im so mad that you referenced southland tales

  • charl X
    charl X

    To be fair, in 1993 this would have been the most rad game ever

  • The Squake
    The Squake

    Hello dunkey, I am sorry to say these words. However, I am sorry to say this but I want to ask you to stop making so many videos. I cant keep up watching all of them. Best Wishes. The Square

  • Zeldarulah

    This game genuinely seems pretty cool and I'm shocked I've never heard of it

    • Alec Garcia
      Alec Garcia

      zelda, it is a ripoff of a game series called system shock

    • Anton Stone
      Anton Stone

      @iAmCodeMonkey There is a song in Cyberpunk 2077 that sounds exactly like the music in cybermage. Just search for it on the radio.

    • iAmCodeMonkey

      It's very rare and obscure, even for it's time. I have boxed copy with the strategy guide via eBay.

  • M.

    Wait this is like an actual video?

  • TheKnightsTemplar

    Maybe I can subscribe again now that he stopped making bad content

    • Devon Thole
      Devon Thole

      Nah this content suck, I miss umong us Fridays

  • David Schultz
    David Schultz


  • Gabe

    Honestly, I really can’t tell the difference between his serious and satirical reviews anymore.

  • J J
    J J


  • Johnathan Depp
    Johnathan Depp

    im cool with all the other bad videos, but pls no bad dunkviews. dunkviews are sacred.

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business

    It's because people were jealous of his success and as humans it can be hard even harder to see someone have what you long for someone whom is not close to you. So they went for the kill to take him him out. It is sad really. Then you have others who really start to care and are a part of your success journey and there fore feel close to you so when they find that you are not what you say , well they are hurt naturally because you dismissed that natural envy in us and were thrilled with his success. Not to mention that some people just beat down that envy monster with a stick and say hey " I am happy other are happy. So do not be hard on yourself you did the right thing and apologized because you are a good person. What I love to know is how the heck did he get bill nye science guy.. Love it! Props Bill you rock!!