Cyberdunk 2077
From the maker of The Wizerd 3.
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  • Goat

    I noticed you put the ad in the part where you said “cyberpunk was like playing this”

  • Slakers

    This game should be called Cyberprank!

  • Senor Studly
    Senor Studly

    Gotta love how he always makes polished games look broken and shits on them, but then praises a game that is actually a broken pile of garbage

    • Senor Studly
      Senor Studly

      @Jerk Inc. His take on star wars jedi fallen order and ghost of tsushima come to mind, but I know there are many others.

    • Jerk Inc.
      Jerk Inc.

      can you give an example?

  • DutchDutch

    I noticed that if you go in the description the game is CyberDunk 2077

  • Adam 774
    Adam 774

    "rarely at it's best" on console...

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    I had a great experience with this game on PC. I do agree that it sucks for PS4/Xbox One players and they should have delayed the release for those consoles exclusivly but on PC and what I've heard Xbox Series X the game has little bugs, none of them game breaking just stuff you'd expect from a new game that many new re;eases have. I only had like 5 bugs throughout my entire 55 hour first playthrough on PC.

  • P.K

    The story is amazing of you pay attention, you also just have a shit system get over it. also they fixed nearly all bugs now.

    • Faizan 11-A
      Faizan 11-A

      You are nitpicked and biased I win bye bye. On a serious note. He said story was good 😑. And his system is good enough. If other games like red dead 2 and God war can be played perfectly then this game can suck my ass if it doesn't.

  • Sina bahmani
    Sina bahmani

    still better than death stranding. some ones salty

  • Gonzo Lonzo
    Gonzo Lonzo

    Hey it's Roman! Let's go bowling together.

  • Crazy Tactician
    Crazy Tactician

    This is one of the ones where i don't agree with a couple of points. Might be biased thou, i love the Cyberpunk genre.

    • Faizan 11-A
      Faizan 11-A

      Which points?

    • P.K

      he's just salty that he doesn't have a good system, they also fixed most the bugs

  • It is a Kubrow
    It is a Kubrow

    Is no one going to say how youtube literally categorizes this as "CyberDunk 2077 - Browse Game >"

  • Jed Haynes
    Jed Haynes

    I loved it. No joke.

  • BlindBison

    For me, the driving with keyboard and mouse felt a lot better than in GTAV whereas the GTAV driving felt better if I was using a controller. On PC, I didn’t start playing til a couple patches in and I’ve got a pretty beefy rig, but I had a great experience myself. Loved the story and I think calling the melee combat “the worst in history” seems very hyperbolic to me - Skyrim’s melee combat for example is far FAR worse than Cyberpunks for sake of comparison. At least in Cyberpunk melee you have parries and dodges to mix things up.

  • audiaux

    Anyone got ID on the outro song?

  • Chris A
    Chris A

    My god the game in this video is labeled AS Cyberdunk 2077 my god. Beautiful.

  • Artivulets

    holy spagetthi and meatballs the game in the description is cyberDunk 2077

  • Chris Chronos
    Chris Chronos

    You know, some of those glitches just wouldn't ruin my experience, like that car raining down out of no where.

  • Tatonka

    This game was amazing. Amazing on Stadia, had none of these bugs ever. I hope that one day it'll get patched so all platforms can have this be the awesome experience it should be.

  • The Coded Crusader
    The Coded Crusader

    *"Still better than Death Stranding"*

  • Aaron Lionheart
    Aaron Lionheart

    Niko, my cousin! Let's go bowling! 7:09

  • Zentoonz

    @5:21 the enemy didn't spot you through a wall. The dev's were so lazy they just put a raycast from the enemy directly toward the player regardless of what direction the enemy was facing.

  • Stephen Hauger
    Stephen Hauger

    The year is 150000000 bc. Dinosaurs roam the earth and Cyberpunk is first announced as a launch title for the Atari 2600. Millions of years elapse as the game is delayed time and time again, until finally December 10th 2020, Cyberpunk is released. And the game still isn't finished. Playing Cyberpunk right now is like playing an early alpha version of a game that is years from completion. This is like pre-early access. Sony is actually issuing refunds for this game and has taken it down from the PlayStation store. That is insane, I don't think I've ever seen that happen to a big name release like this. More and more big titles like this are being released in an unfinished state and it's gotten to the point where gamers are so conditioned to glitches and bugs they don't even notice them anymore, so when I actually hear people that aren't me noticing bugs and glitches, I think "oh sh*t, this game is f*cking broken." That being said, the glitches are very funny. I think a lot of my enjoyment from Cyberpunk actually stemmed from the bugs. I never knew what crazy bullsh*t would happen next. everybody just has guns out of nowhere no matter what they're doing, this dude is stretching with a gun, this dude is lifting dumbbells with the hand he is currently holding a gun with. The hair physics, body animation combined with super detailed environments and lighting, guns have unique animations, cars have glossy exteriors and modeled interiors, when Cyberpunk is at its best, it can look very impressive. Unfortunately, Cyberpunk is rarely at its best. You can have all the fancy effects in the world, but the second characters start doing this, the illusion is ruined. even during cutscenes you aren't safe from bugs. Look at this lady in the background, what is she sitting on? now she's drinking nothing. This woman was getting a surgery done on her then I walked into the room and this happened, once NPCs get spooked by something they are permanently scared for the rest of the game, character animations range from super realistic to embarrassingly bad, every time someone gets in and out of a car it looks like this. I had one mission where the time of day would just instantly change back and forth, and then you have all of the performance issues. From what I understand, playing Cyberpunk on a PS4 is like this. Most people getting this game are playing it on a PS4 or Xbox One, so this is unacceptable. I played this on PC and the framerate was all over the place. I don’t have the latest graphics card or processor but my computer can usually run just about anything I throw at it at 60fps. Cyberpunk would usually sit around 30 to 40 fps, but when it dipped, those numbers went down, big time. If you can get Mario Odyssey running at 60fps on a Nintendo Switch, and God of War, Red Dead 2, Last of Us 2 running at a stable framerate on a base PS4 then there really is no excuse. These are state of the art games, but according to video game marketing, every hyped up game is state of the art, right? Cyberpunk is just straight up a very poorly optimised game right now. Let’s talk about driving. The driving is like *worried disturbed uhh-ing* It's about that good. I've seen some truly psychotic claims that the driving in this is on par with Grand Theft Auto 5, uuhh, the people saying this should seek medical attention because something has happened to their brains. Your car will come to a complete stop from hitting a tiny curb and then also ram through a boulder and a car like nothing. But I mean, still better than, uh, Death Stranding driving. Cyberpunk is set in a truly dystopic vision of the future where OnlyFans became a larger company than Amazon. Night City is full of stunning architecture, neon lights, vending machines, obnoxious ads, and a disproportionate amount of strip clubs and sex shops. It would have been cool to see what a futuristic zoo looks like, or a stadium, or a museum, or you know, anything other than a store called PeePee. Then there's the combat. The wonky gameplay nearly collapses under the framerate drops and bugs. Mostly my dude would just walk around one-shotting everyone with a shotgun while sucking down inhaler juice. Enemies don't understand how to respond to you going past their cover spot, the hand-to-hand combat is possibly the worst ever in a video game, every time you die it's from a land mine that one-shots you, the combat music never stops blaring over everything even after everyone has been dead for two hours, one time it even started playing the same song twice, overlapping itself. You’ll shoot an enemy and they’ll just get stuck on the terrain this happened to me like twenty times. “I'm right here, come on! (ded)” This dude tried to spawn in an elevator but failed miserably, some enemies can do this, and I think that's the game functioning as intended. There are stealth options and watch dogs hacking to keep things fresh, but, uh, sometimes enemies will spot you through a wall or object because they feel like it it's all so blatantly broken, but I mean you know, still better than death stranding. “I like driving through here (gunshot) . It's nice.”(gang member yelling) “you know what, you’re right, it is nice out here”(gunshot)“never been out this way?” “No, I have, just never noticed(machine gun)never had time to just sit down and watch”(dead person) “city slipped through my-”. Then we got the story, which is the strongest element of the game but also the part of the game that can't be patched or fixed. Even though you have a strong premise here, the story itself is very plot-driven, a lot of the dialogue is “we’re gonna go here, were gonna hack this computer, we’re gonna talk to this guy and this is how the microchip works and this is how brain dances work and this is how you write a program.” CD Projekt Red, and I want this guy to hear this too, nobody gives a rat’s f*cking ass about the minute details of fictional technology. That should not be the focal point of dialogue in your game that should be information found like in a log file that’s hidden under a bed somewhere. The story can also feel very disjointed at times I picked the corporal path where you are a career worker who gets wrapped up in some disturbing corporate espionage, then some dude snatches your microchip so you have to quit your job immediately despite being so involved in this insidious plot and then you instantly become a low-level gangster in a montage and then one of your first missions as the low-level gangster is to steal a super secret microchip from the most powerful man in the world. On top of that, a dozen different characters are constantly calling you and giving you side missions at the same time you are currently pursuing a side mission from ten phone calls ago that you forgot the entire premise of now. “Hey its- attention all- (pure chaos)” “Oh yeah, what’s up?” All of the most powerful moments of Cyberpunk happen when you can finally shut out the white noise and the barrage of bullsh*t information and actually focus on what’s happening in front of you. But, another thing that worries me about this game is how many of these great moments will players miss and how many did I miss? The minimap makes almost no distinction between the higher quality narrative driven side quests and the Ubisoft-tier copy-and-paste filler. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people ended up completely missing out on my favorite quest line in the game about the sentient soda machine because he's tucked away in a little corner. Likewise the ending that I got, which was in my opinion the most satisfying one in the game, Steam says only one percent of people actually got that ending. I realize this is a very negative and critical video but I actually did enjoy this game. Cyberpunk 2077 is carried by actors and animators and it's refreshing to absorb those details in first person. I went into this thinking Keanu Reeves will be in here for like an hour, but no, he is one of the main characters and it makes the game that much better. Jackie, Skippy, Evelyn, Flaming Crotch Man, Victor, Brendan, Judy, Pan Am, Rick Ross, Delamane, Goro, Hideo Kojima, and of course Johnny Silverhand. These characters have more personality and soul than anyone from these games, and for that reason I’d say this is one of the better open-world games I've played. I would put it right about here. So yeah, that’s what I think about Cyberpunk.... Aw sh*t, I forgot about Minecraft Saturday!

    • Stephen Hauger
      Stephen Hauger

      This took me over an hour. I have no regrets.

    • Faizan 11-A
      Faizan 11-A

      Not all heroes wear cape

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith


  • Barrel Chest
    Barrel Chest

    I never was interested in this game, but I would buy this game if it guaranteed weird glitches every 20 seconds or so sparingly

  • Isaac Kim
    Isaac Kim

    Dude cyber punk literally screwed up

    • Faizan 11-A
      Faizan 11-A

      Then you didn't fuking watch the video

  • ArKazzah D'Nur
    ArKazzah D'Nur

    "I don't have the latest graphic cards or processors" **intel i7-6700k** **nvidia GTX 1080** **64GB RAM** *bruh*

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      Is that good or bad? Someone ease tell me I do not know how to computer.

  • Emmanuel Styles
    Emmanuel Styles

    Cyberpunk 2077 on ps4 made me appreciate Death Stranding.

  • Dale Gabriel Tan
    Dale Gabriel Tan

    Hol Up. In the description, instead of Cyberpunk 2077, it says "Cyberdunk 2077". I mean, Cyberdunk sounds better.

  • lankey on fire
    lankey on fire

    This review is actually so spot on

  • Kyo Sohma
    Kyo Sohma

    Thank you Dunkey for the words of wisdom, i’m proud to be a cyberpunk fan.

  • Finnmega26

    I couldn’t play the flaming crotch man quest cause I went too far away to find a car cause delemain demolished my main vehicle and it failed

  • okiburi6

    Just noticed the tagged game in the description Goddamn

  • Akina Hachi Roku
    Akina Hachi Roku

    3:07 Which game?

    • Faizan 11-A
      Faizan 11-A

      Last of us 2

  • Akina Hachi Roku
    Akina Hachi Roku

    the T-pose always gets me laughing lmfao, it's such a meme I'm not even mad anymore. 😂 XD Can confirm I've experienced most of these bugs and sometimes they are so random and weird they make me laugh and say "BRUH 💀", and I've only played this game like 5-6 hours in total. From getting 2 calls simultaneously so you see 2 people speaking, as if they're in the same room in that top left video window, to my vehicle getting stuck on road, NPCs having a literal seizure randomly ,supportive characters holding invisible guns, NPCs falling lifeless on ground even when alive, battle music overlapping, enemies becoming flash and moving at speed of sound and weird NPC behavior to naked player model in mirror. And I'm not even halfway in story I think.

  • gotcha

    Cyberdunk 2077 B.C

  • Emil C
    Emil C

    5:13 King Crimson!!!


    Allosaurus and Stegosaurus still remember that announcement

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    1:22 - that is exactly how I lift weights... you mean you don't... what if you need to smoke some fools in the middle of your set?

  • TheRockFanNumber1

    This game sucked. 3/10 on a good day.

  • Hidden Turtle
    Hidden Turtle

    Agreed. This gane has horrible bugs. But its story and charecters were amazing. Iv not beatn' but up to the point i played, (even the vening machine mission. As a woman too so totally diffrent experince) its been awesome. A little repetitve at times but on super hard mode and the right attention to stats. Its awesome enough and can be challenging. But once ypu've grinded so much parts of the story that you're halted at untill ypu finish one particular mission, all other side missions can seem trivial. Still. Had fun. Still gotta finish. Enjoyed more than last of us. Poking the bear with that lol

  • Andrew Dawkins
    Andrew Dawkins

    I'm definitely not getting this game

  • Shenmue 3
    Shenmue 3

    Wow, really pushing the nine minute mark, what a sellout!

  • Boa Juse
    Boa Juse

    take out chinpoko from your mouth. Cant understand any you saying

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      You edited your comment and you still can't form a coherent sentence?

    • Faizan 11-A
      Faizan 11-A

      You are nitpicked and biased, I win bye bye

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    I’m so jealous, I played on PC and experience almost no bugs... it was a little boring but ok. Is there a bugs mode I can enter to enjoy all these random cars exploding and t-posing?

    • Mathy Don
      Mathy Don

      @Dalgus Maximus performance issue is different than bugs, I didn’t have any of these hilarious ridiculous bugs where people start sliding around and cars randomly fly around. For me, it was totally normal

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      To be completely honest, I don't believe you either. You're telling me everybody else had massive performance issues with the game except you and like 10 other people that say the same shit.

    • Mathy Don
      Mathy Don

      @Michael Teter how dare you

    • Michael Teter
      Michael Teter


  • john doe
    john doe

    still better than death stranding

  • john doe
    john doe

    rick ross lul

  • No One
    No One

    I assumed Dunkey played his games on a high end PC. I barely had any glitches. Game is still a huge disappointment though.

  • João Ferreira
    João Ferreira

    0.31 POG

  • Nicholas5801

    IGN: 7.0/10 “Has a little something for everyone”.

  • Lightning Mint
    Lightning Mint

    When the year is 2077 cyberpunk will finally be fixed

  • STIX Gaming
    STIX Gaming

    Even without glitches the driving in this game is still dog water. (manly the handling, its unrealistic and feels like your driving on ice when at average speeds)(and you cant even change the speedometer to mph... like dude what? thatd be like if they didnt have a speedometer in forza)

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards

    The developers must have made this game with a blindfold on

    • B3n L
      B3n L

      Their little brother was developing it

  • Miles Del Ghingaro
    Miles Del Ghingaro

    if you think about it cyber punk is actually very smarty to leave all the bugs in in the because we all live in the matrix and it's a metaphor for how broken and fractured our world is

  • Carson Hindle
    Carson Hindle

    hey dunkey, titanfall 2.

  • April Gray
    April Gray

    I actually liked cyberpunk 2077 the story music and setting are the most well done also every ending makes players feel like their decision meant something and can be canon in someway. Also i found the ending dunkey chose satisfying for me. I do hope they make it playable and add DLCs.

    • Everything Go
      Everything Go

      They will but it will take more than 1 year

  • Tony

    9/10 of these bugs ive never seen, even on opening day.

  • Peter Fischer
    Peter Fischer

    Review cybermage

  • I have the high ground
    I have the high ground

    Damn I didn't know dunkey held Ghost of Tsushima in such a low place. I've also never ever played it or had a console so wtf do I know.

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      He was talking specifically about the story. No way this broken game is better the tsushima.

    • Cerebromide

      Dunkey is a genius at finding glitches and breaking games

  • Sherlock Homeless
    Sherlock Homeless

    that moment when dunkey rates cyberjunk higher than ghost of tsushima

    • Soggy Cookie
      Soggy Cookie

      If you've tried the game, it's great to play! Most glitches can be fixed by just making a save and loading it where you are. And I've only seen one bug that stops you from progressing and it was fixed by that same process

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      Yeah it's probably a bad take. Still love dunklas though.

    • jano Gabor
      jano Gabor

      Ghost of tsushima is not very good.

    • Everything Go
      Everything Go

      It deserves it for pc version. Console is 4/10

  • QMan1234red

    Running cyberpunk on my gtx 970 was literally painful. Had to stop. Its just not worth it at the moment.

  • ITACHI 18_?¿
    ITACHI 18_?¿

    I need sub vietnames pls

  • LoserTM

    This game is possibly the best comedy game of the century.

  • Kim Beatty
    Kim Beatty

    i think that the bugs where placed there because it is in a cybernetic future and ever one is up grading there body parts so there might be some glitches in the game

    • Kim Beatty
      Kim Beatty

      were not where

  • Mr. Cholo
    Mr. Cholo

    How DARE YOU! say . " it's still better than. Death Stranding, Fuck you Dunky.!!!. Lol 🤣 Atleast say better than Anthem

    • Corin Swindells
      Corin Swindells

      He can say that if he wants

  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez

    You don’t like the minute details on technology in the game ? But I thought you liked metal gear???? Oh I get it. No giraffes 🦒

  • bill withers
    bill withers

    Turns out the entire game was just a poorly coded braindance.

  • Martin Gray
    Martin Gray

    The last minute of the video where Dunkey says he still likes the game purely for the acting and dialogue is why the Cyberpunk launch is so heartbreaking. Under the bugs and the mediocre gameplay, you got some of the best writing and just straight up the best actors and voice-actors in a videogame to date. If everything was bad or mediocre well who cares right? Let's just not trust CD Projekt red again and move on. But since some parts of the game are so great and it's so obvious that there are some really talented people who worked hard on this project it just feels like such a waste.

  • future_death

    7:06 This was freakin' hilarious!

  • President OwObama
    President OwObama

    This is a great

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado

    There's a guy I know that is a loyal supporter of this game no matter how bad all this sht is.

  • Sinosi 2006
    Sinosi 2006

    let me sum this up for you guys..., yeah, ... its a glitch festival

  • Moose Caboose
    Moose Caboose

    you know your game is bad when roblox games work better than it

  • Moose Caboose
    Moose Caboose

    you bee soft started being shit once they became ewww beeeee soft

  • Leukashot

    HEY! That's a good game you know?! Don't diss Driver like that!


    Dunkacino you’re pointing out bug and glitches no one will ever see so your wrong


      @Faizan 11-A thanks man id say im better than dunkey at being a critic after all i watch the critic ( the nostalgia critic)

    • Faizan 11-A
      Faizan 11-A

      @ZB GENIUS what a good response 😂 You ignored his real questions

    • Crathion

      @Corin Swindells Yea that’s what I played it on. I could not go 3 hours without crashing.

    • Corin Swindells
      Corin Swindells

      @Crathion I think is has promising things in it but god damn the bugs on last gen consoles

    • Crathion

      @Corin Swindells oh yeah the game is just fucking broken.

  • Raphael P.
    Raphael P.

    Niko it's Roman!

  • Dennis De groot
    Dennis De groot

    Naw dawg, you had more fun playing nioh 2

  • Little Julius Caesar
    Little Julius Caesar

    Cyberpunk: gunshots V: Nice neighborhood!

  • Duccly Dumbo
    Duccly Dumbo

    this is what happens when you dont playtest a game people.

  • Teuku Rhazes
    Teuku Rhazes

    I really dont want to support a company that does things like this, overhype their game and then sell it like its in alpha stage. They clearly knew what they were getting into by not letting reviewers use their own footage cuz they're scared of the bugs being exposed before release. I feel like people should stop demanding so much and being impatient, and companies should stop overhyping their games and selling trash. I think people really have to stop supporting companies that do this for them to fully wake up and realize how big of an issue this is. If people keep buying these things they'll just do it again in the future and go "whoops sorry, please wait while we make a patch for the game to make it playable although you paid 60 bucks for it already"

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      Exactly. These companies will never stop this shit if people keep buying these awful, AWFUL games. If the game doesn't work that should definitely be a deal breaker to everybody. No ifs, ands, or buts.

  • Be Kind To Birds
    Be Kind To Birds

    More personality and soul in the main list characters than anyone in horizon? You're out of your gourd mate, sounds like you can't tell the difference between time on screen stimulation and well written characters.

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      @Be Kind To Birds I'm afraid the online store might shut down in the distant future and the games I bought but didn't download are gonna get axed.

    • Be Kind To Birds
      Be Kind To Birds

      @Dalgus Maximus idk, I have the physical copy but I am one of the old school types that hates digital copies. I have a lot of old games that are out on digital copy as the disk because I cannot stand having to be online or have something fail or the company forces and update or whatever. But I really don't know what is a larger install if that's what you mean. It's a long game worth getting full completion on for sure.

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      @Be Kind To Birds Should I get it virtually or physically? I want it to take up the least amount of space that it can on my PS4.

    • Be Kind To Birds
      Be Kind To Birds

      @Dalgus Maximus I honestly think it is a work of art and one of the best and most refined games released in decades. It's hard to compare it to other things but if you out your time into it and immerse yourself in the world it is almost unmatched. Don't rush through on a low difficulty or you'll miss the whole thing

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      @Be Kind To Birds Okay, anyways, horizon zero dawn good game? I think I will give it a go. Never really heard anybody say anything particularly bad about it.

  • Bloodshot Septic Sam
    Bloodshot Septic Sam

    This game really makes you *feel* like Arthur Morgan.

  • VixWasHere

    "This is set in a truly dystopic vision of the future where among us Mondays was cancelled for some shitty game reviews and non daily content"

  • D K
    D K

    7:56 1% actually finished the god dam game

    • I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition
      I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition


  • Gab

    niko, its Roman, lets go bowling lmao

  • Push Play
    Push Play

    0:28 Hey! That’s my girl’s parallel handiwork!

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric

    Number 1 game with most potential but greatly unfinished right above MGSV

  • Steve The Stevuation Stevenson
    Steve The Stevuation Stevenson

    Bugs in games like AC valhalla or the newer watch dogs games were funny, seeing an NPC do something dumb, or seeing two NPCs way too far away punching at the air near each other, the kind of bugs you'd see in oblivion. Those games are pumped out way faster than Cyberpunk and they are so much better. There's no defense for cyberpunk, even if you say cdpr has less funding, it's just ridiculous how bad it ended up being after so many years of "work". Its gross that a company who's entire advertising scheme was pandering to the fans, would screw over the fans so bad. I don't like a lot of stuff that other rpgs do, like boring filler missions so they can advertise "100 hours of gameplay!" But i would rather collect every garbage item in other, more polished games than play through the main story of this again.

  • Mann

    He is right but he needs a better platform so it can run better

  • Jun Jun
    Jun Jun

    I love Cyberpunk I got the same ending Dunkey did And honestly, it’s way better than the other ones I’m going to play it all over again when I get the 3080 rtx Also, you tend you see new and notice things when you play the game a 2nd time

  • Goose

    Plot twist: It’s buggy because it’s all a simulation

  • Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans

    The Cyberpunk support the homosexual. THATS WHY IM NOT PLAY IT!

  • ThatSithLord

    With all the shit they've gone through since releasing this game id be amazed if they pulled a no man's sky on us.

  • Alexander Unknown
    Alexander Unknown

    correct is CyberBug 2077 lol

  • OPolo704

    7:07 I just noticed the "Niko it's Ronan, let's go bowling" LOL

  • Staedus

    Cyberpunk on my ps4 is actually mostly fine, I want glitches damnit!


    When ever I watch any Cyberpunk 2077 video that shows the bugs I played about 300 hours so far and a video can have 20 bugs/glitch Out of the 20 I might have seen at least 3 of what players have shown or just similar.

  • Wolf

    The Ubisoft Tier Copy Paste Filler 😂

  • h

    4:51 that game ended me

  • Nexus Clarum
    Nexus Clarum

    i bet quite a few people lost their jobs lol.