Bowser's Fury (dunkview)
Whats my name? Dunkacheeno? It's a whole new game. Dunkacheeno. I pull you in with the caramel swirl, say hello to my dunko whirl. Can't get enough of my dunkacheeno from 7pm to 8 ESTeeno. I know it was you Fredo that pissed in the coffee.
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  • Glitch is joining Smash 5
    Glitch is joining Smash 5

    What gender is Plessie?


    Mario is gay

    • Has the High Ground
      Has the High Ground

      That’s why he hasn’t married Peach

  • MikxUniverse

    0:07 When Dunkey mentions this it makes you think how cool I’d be to have a Mario game where they continuously add content for years to come in between game releases. 3D world seems like the perfect hub to add new levels and worlds monthly so fans always have something to play while waiting for the next Mario game

  • Etherealistic

    yea, but wtf didn't they release the extra content on the wii u! Nintendo u mfs!!!!

  • KBob Dixie
    KBob Dixie

    how do full grown adults play this?

    • Has the High Ground
      Has the High Ground

      It’s fun and well designed... yeah that’s pretty much the reason.

  • virtualong


  • exzisd

    I'm just glad YonkaDingo is back. Wouldn't have bought this without him.

  • fabenus

    great game, 60dollars for 3 hours ouchy, but still a great game!

  • dandeentremont

    Bowser's Furry.

  • dandeentremont

    0:14 why is mario wet?

  • ayman x ayman
    ayman x ayman

    big yoshi

  • Enrique Jimenez
    Enrique Jimenez

    I can’t wait for payday Friday so I can experience this

  • ThatOneDude 1710
    ThatOneDude 1710

    This game should have been called Blinx's Fury because they stole the idea of cats from Blinx and Blinx 2

  • Jhonnynmortal


  • Spaceman Spiff
    Spaceman Spiff

    Bowsers Fury is the first open world Mario game. It’s got the towers and everything

  • Ryan McDonnell
    Ryan McDonnell

    The best part of Mario Odyssey was Dunkey's videos on Balloon World.

  • dalton yates
    dalton yates

    This game looks beautiful

  • SammyToeJr

    "where did the seems go i cant see them" what do you mean? they were never there.

  • Mac B
    Mac B

    Dunkey I am really grateful for your videos, your outlook on games is so unique and inspiring. Watching your videos it is clear that you live within these beautiful worlds and that you want your fans to see it the same way you do. You show the good and the bad, yet still, there is no bias, just a pure view of how beautiful a game can be when it is looked at a certain way. That makes me wanna try these games, live trough that world, and make my own opinion about it. It maybe sounds a bit cheesy but you have opened my eyes and my heart to these games, even though I previously might have dismissed them as a game only a child would play, but I finally realized that sometimes that is what makes a game great, and it is all thanks to you. I am a long-time fan, and you are by far the most interesting, funny, and smart person on this platform. You are truly gifted and I am looking forward to your next videos. Take care.

  • Fill@PieNo!


  • Tomi Valkonen
    Tomi Valkonen

    You say it like there is lack of mario games. Lol

    • Joel Garcia
      Joel Garcia

      @Tomi Valkonen but they do. Mainline mario games rarely come out.

    • Tomi Valkonen
      Tomi Valkonen

      @Joel Garcia agree. They should concentrate more on quality than quantity. But thats Ninty for you.

    • Joel Garcia
      Joel Garcia

      Of the mainline ones? Yeah.

  • Weebob

    Gonna be real right now - I just love how most of the americans doesn't care about how "childish" and "colorful" the game looks like, as long as they enjoys the gameplay they just keep on playing it no matter if it's lacks blood or other R ratings factors

    • Has the High Ground
      Has the High Ground

      @Forine there was literally a comment I just saw complaining about “How do full grown adults play this” what an asshole

    • Forine

      what does that have to do with being american. i think that goes for most people regardless of country.

  • Very Good
    Very Good

    ok bowsers fury was a fucking mastapeice but it’s not what I’m looking forward to in the upcoming decade or years is the news even just the news of ori 3 as I love this games and ori expanded that onto me after hallow knight introduced me to Metroidvania type games so that’s what I’m looking forward too In other words me excited for ori 3

    • Very Good
      Very Good

      No they said oris story was done but they said they might make a third game in the same universe as ori but no time in the near future

    • Noah Sabadish
      Noah Sabadish

      did they officially announce ori 3?

  • Oblivion Libra
    Oblivion Libra

    did he really say it's only "3 or 4 hours long" ? it's taken me 9 hours to get 50 stars

  • Raf74

    Yeah but is it good enough to be awarded the Golden Dunk Award


    It’s like ground zero for mgsv

  • Byrden 9
    Byrden 9

    i cant be the only one that thought of sonic unleashed with those violins

  • JacksonianToaster

    I still want odessey 2 tho

  • SquinkyEXE

    You talk about interrupting gameplay as a negative but fail to mention that this game does exactly that once every 10 minutes for the entire playthrough...

    • Noah Sabadish
      Noah Sabadish

      and you can skip it every time

    • Joel Garcia
      Joel Garcia

      What are you smoking lmak

  • ʕ•̫͡•ʕGrinklesnorfʕ•̫͡•ʕ

    Wait this isn’t bubsy

  • bichahs onionboi
    bichahs onionboi

    every mario game is the same

  • James Wheeler
    James Wheeler

    more dunkey????? pfffff what the shit does that even mean

  • bigmanape

    nice game reggie

  • Walnut

    man I really want to play it but I can't just spend 60 bucks on one part of a game I want.

  • gobzilla

    Mario 3D world was the first game I played that wasn’t a flash game on my moms computer and this game let me experience playing it for the first time again :)

  • ruller 753
    ruller 753

    When are you going to make bad content?

  • Billyada W
    Billyada W

    Every game is open world now

  • Thai Anh Hoang
    Thai Anh Hoang

    As a Nintendo fan, I'm fine with waiting for years as long as the games are well-polished and excellent. Don't want them to constantly make buggy games.

    • Forine

      well i wouldn't say that waiting longer always means better games, considering cyperpunk 2077 was in development for like 5 eons, but it usually helps when it's a nintendo game.

  • kreehomel

    Dunkey is Mario's greatest hype man.

  • Meeton


  • Star Petal Arts
    Star Petal Arts

    Just wait until the new Metroid, you will be eating those words.

    • Forine

      i don't think humanity will be around at that point.

  • Jamandabop

    I think donkey forgot that BOTW2, Elden Ring, and God of War Ragnarok all have a chance of coming out this year.

    • StarMaster

      Not a very high chance, especially with BOTW2.

  • Jimmy Nguyen
    Jimmy Nguyen

    Why doesn’t he give a rating at the end anymore?

  • Chris Amburn
    Chris Amburn

    Dubkey, someday I hope you will play the game where beeg Yoshi comes from. I will give you $100 to play Super Mario RPG on video, because your videos are always the best to introduce new gamers to.

  • Jake Levine
    Jake Levine

    Dunkey has never sounded more black than he does in this video

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson

    But. You didnt rank it?

  • Master G
    Master G

    Bowser’s Fury? More like Bowser’s pubic hair.

  • Smee

    dunkey your old friends from the mob back home in Sicily are asking for you... we never forgot about the thing you did with Vinnie Scaletti!

  • shiftycake

    every time I see another excellent game from nintendo I can't help but wonder: why does their management team suck so much ass when their devs are so fantastic

  • McBoogle

    Better title: Captain Toad, Treasure Trove

  • Jubel

    I read Bowsers Furry and was very concerned when I saw Mario in this lion suit

  • Kris lol
    Kris lol

    This is actually awesome, this level design is the future of gaming

  • Nosta

    I have no god damn clue about any of these games but, when Dunkey talks about it I immediately understand

  • Jacob Pfeiffer
    Jacob Pfeiffer

    I just dont think its worth the 60$ :/ wish it was 30

    • Has the High Ground
      Has the High Ground

      Well you also get an entire game attached to it that was originally sold for $60 so...

  • Gnappopo2007

    The jump mechanics have been de-emphasized to compete with Knack, i mean c'mon Dunk, couldn't you realize?

  • Ver

    bower angy he need to clam down

  • Rory Stewart
    Rory Stewart

    I think we can all agree that Dunkey's opinion here, from minute 1 to second 0, is clearly biased. And nitpicking too.

  • Banana Johnson
    Banana Johnson

    I love Dunkey but his bias is way too strong as a reviewer

    • Has the High Ground
      Has the High Ground

      @Banana Johnson not really it’s really good

    • Banana Johnson
      Banana Johnson

      @cam its good but its just good

    • cam

      man not really this game is actually so fucking awesome

  • Telefone

    timesplitters 2 please

  • Cris B.
    Cris B.

    I wanted to listen to the music track that plays when you‘re on Plessies back and I unironically looked for „Bowsers Fury Yonkadingo Music“ and got all confused I couldn‘t find it.

  • F1zzy

    Nintendo anything = Game of the year

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Each of the little areas feels like one of the painting worlds from Mario 64, but when they're all interconnected and occasionally terrorized by shmowzer, it becomes perfect

  • Shadow Gooding
    Shadow Gooding

    Valhiem plz

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      He spelled his name right.

  • Endless ducks 456
    Endless ducks 456

    Yonka dingo isn’t a cat.

  • Drew Stannard
    Drew Stannard

    This seems like Nintendo might make the next big Mario game fully open world very exciting

  • JP Torres
    JP Torres


  • yo da
    yo da

    Bowsers fury is the first "strand type" mario game

  • Price Rowland
    Price Rowland

    This video is a Slam Dunkey

  • Hugo Hickman
    Hugo Hickman

    4:34a mechanic that is in every open world game ever

  • Greg Davis
    Greg Davis

    didn't like it. everything looked too much the same and it was hard to keep track of where I was. was the shine in this blue place. no maybe it was the other blue watery place. the cat thing was also retarded. way over done

  • Sweeneytv

    Day 24 of asking for drama Tuesday

  • Pl3ys Nontinde
    Pl3ys Nontinde

    Why is bowser the only thing that isn’t a cat?

    • Pl3ys Nontinde
      Pl3ys Nontinde

      @ice is nice I meant how every enemy in the game is a cat and the main villain isn’t even though they already had the mode to make the second phase of the final boss meowser

    • Pl3ys Nontinde
      Pl3ys Nontinde

      @ice is nice yes I know it isn’t

    • ice is nice
      ice is nice

      its not called bowsers furry

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    Ah, so this is the legendary Bowser's Big Bean Burrito.

  • Aldo Costagliola
    Aldo Costagliola

    How many time did you go back to listen to Holy shitamole? Be honest!

  • Squishy Doo
    Squishy Doo

    Dunkey likes Mario games? What the fuck?

  • celtic blaidd
    celtic blaidd

    Bowser's fury sounds like bowser's furry or bowser's a furry

    • celtic blaidd
      celtic blaidd

      @miko foin hmmm kinda yes

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      1:32 feels more star trek DS9 music themed than mario here lmao

  • Daniel Joyce
    Daniel Joyce

    But does it make you FEEL like Bowser

  • Benjamin Woodham
    Benjamin Woodham

    He spelled his name right.

  • Awful Pancakes
    Awful Pancakes

    Each of the little areas feels like one of the painting worlds from Mario 64, but when they're all interconnected and occasionally terrorized by shmowzer, it becomes perfect

  • Swanlet From Cake Team
    Swanlet From Cake Team

    My problem with the game is you can't buy Bowser's Fury separately. I already own the game on the Wii U so I would basically be paying an 80$ DLC for one extra world. This will be the first main Mario game I don't buy :(

  • Will Hanley Reed
    Will Hanley Reed

    Its cat for me

  • Caitlin

    Nintendo needs to hire you...every time I watch a dunkview I end up buying some game I didn't care about.

  • Ciri 4K Gaming
    Ciri 4K Gaming

    Looking forward to the next Mario game with Dark-soul-like 3D map design.

  • Larrz

    Golf lol

  • zyber jim sta cruz
    zyber jim sta cruz

    Fromsoft fans are still waiting for that Elden Ring game.. So I guess it's fair for Mario fans as well

  • This is the greatest username of all time.
    This is the greatest username of all time.

    Metal Bowser, best Bowser

  • rpgfan12

    I would not be surprised if he did have some deep seated prejudice against Japanese people or Asians in general. Its a reach, but he seems to hate anything Japanese, even when its not anime.

    • i mean its okay
      i mean its okay

      lol not liking anime doesnt mean he doesnt like japanese

    • OakNight

      Wait till he finds out who made the mario games

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Bowser Fury and Mario Furry

  • UltraViolence

    Imagine the hype if they put out a teaser for the next big 3D Mario game and then at the end... A silhouette of Fludd

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      5:30 LMAO, he just kept going!

  • Dillpickle59

    2:44 Actually Dunkey, that's a fiddle. Get your facts right

    • Forine

      i assume you're joking, but a fiddle is a violin. I-I mean, no, it's clearly a vibraphone.

  • Miguel Medina
    Miguel Medina

    Bonkers bad fury is good game

  • Commander Graham
    Commander Graham

    1:32 feels more star trek DS9 music themed than mario here lmao

  • Chris Shelby
    Chris Shelby

    This title only needs one more r, and it would still be accurate

    • Kyoobur9000

      @Chris Shelby Someone who’s watched Monty Python and gets the reference but doesn’t remember what the next line is.

    • Chris Shelby
      Chris Shelby

      ​@Kyoobur9000 *Who are you, so Wise in the ways of science?*

    • Kyoobur9000

      ah yes *bowserr’s fury*

  • Skelldoom

    More like Doug Bowser’s Fury...

  • EkidonaLangley

    "The worst part about being a Mario fan... waiting for the next game to come out." Metroid and FZero fans: *pain*

  • David Tipps
    David Tipps

    wait, so, did he like it?

  • Braden Smith
    Braden Smith

    they went straight to fucko mode

  • LegendJim

    Coming back to this aftter 100% the game. What an experience. Cant wait for a new full Mario Game

    • LegendJim

      @pocoloco I mean after you get all 100 there's not much else to do, other than to re explore the islands. It was definetslly worth it tho, not to mention that 100% 3d world is quite fun as well, eef recommend

    • pocoloco

      I still haven't gotten it, how much did you like it after 100%?

  • twitchsopamanxx

    Im still waiting for The Great Yoshi Migration: Revengeance

  • Leftover Noise
    Leftover Noise

    3 bowser's fury's in a trenchcoat would be way fuckin better than odyssey imo

  • Riko Vladimir
    Riko Vladimir

    HI wat's up dunko how have you been ?

  • _ Schmeaty _
    _ Schmeaty _

    bowsers furry